Vaiva Stračkaitienė


In 1952 graduated from Kriukiai High School, in 1958 – studies in Vilnius State University of V. Kapsukas, Law Department, in 1958 Vaiva Strackaitiene arrived to Klaipeda, lived and worked here up until death. For 5 years – the notary of Klaipeda State Notary Office (1958 – 1962), For 30 years – Klaipeda’s Head Notary (1962 – 1992), For 7 years – the member of the Notaries’ Chamber Presidium of LR (1992 – 1999). In 1992 upon Vaiva Strackaitiene’s initiative the First Notary Office of Klaipeda city was established, in which she has been working as a notary for 7 years (1992 – 1999), and as consultant of this office from 1999 till February, 2004. The notary Vaiva Strackaitiene was stunningly hard-working and responsible. She has been protecting her own reputation and honor of the notary office like an apple of her eye, and protected the notaries working here just as mother protects her even delinquent children. She attracted the people round about with her commitment to the job she liked and with her outstanding intelligence. Young notaries, who graduated from the “university” of Vaiva Strackaitiene, acquired not only professional qualities that are necessary for a notary, but grasped the team play “all for one and one for all” rule as well. Vaiva Strackaitiene had known many human secrets of people; she had helped or at least advised to hundreds! She was able to hard-headedly evaluate the reality and people. She was never blindly for the bare formalism; she seemed to be even against it. However, she did not fail to be persuaded, if she saw that some agreements were based on deception and dishonesty. With her help all came to understanding that even a small mistake or inadvertency can become a real problem. Thank God, it did not. Currently, the First Notary Office of Klaipeda city has a “Strackaitis” spirit in it, which can be expressed in the following way: Be faithful to your profession, help people, trust them, but never let yourself be deceived. It seems to be obvious and simple. However, this simple exam should be passed every day. Every day, and without the right to make mistakes.