The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Approval of documents by certificate (Apostille)

The purpose of document approval certificate (Apostille) is to ensure the validity of official documents in another country.

Approval of documents by certificate (Apostille) is the verification of authenticity of a signature, position of a signatory and the stamp or seal by a certificate (Apostille).

The following official documents can be approved by certificate (Apostille):

  • documents issued by state and municipal institutions or officers; public prosecutor; court officer or person entitled to enforce court decisions;
  • administrative documents;
  • notarised documents;
  • notarised transcripts of official documents.

Documents must be in order, legible. If the document consists of several pages, they must be thread sewn.

Documents issued till 11 March 1990 with attributes of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (LRSS) cannot be approved by certificate (Apostille). They must be replaced by new documents.