The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Issuance of certificates of inheritance right, preparation of European certificates of succession

Certificate of inheritance right is an official document verifying the fact of inheritance acceptance and the right to inheritance.

The certificate of inheritance right is issued when the heirs of the deceased, by law, by a will or summoned to inherit, refer to the notary of the place of the opening of inheritance (territory covered by Klaipėda First Notary Office) by signing the statement about the acceptance of inheritance and application to issue the certificate of inheritance right.

The heirs must perform these actions within 3 (three) months form the date of opening of inheritances (i.e. the date of the death of the person whose succession is involved). One certificate of inheritance right can be issued to all heirs, or to each individually taking into consideration their requests.

After inheriting immovable property, certificates of inheritance right confirming the ownership right of the heirs to inherited estate are transferred by the Notary Office to the territorial registrar of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers by means of remote communication. The clients no longer need to go to State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

European certificate of succession is a standard certificate proving legal status and/or rights of heirs, legatees, executors of wills and administrators of the estate. European certificate of succession shall have legal consequences in all Member States of the European Union without any special recognition or publication procedure being required.