The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Issuance of certificates attesting to the ownership right of a share to a common estate of the spouses

Certificate attesting to the ownership right of a share to a common estate of the spouses can be issued on the basis of a written statement to the surviving spouse with respect to half of common property acquired during marriage.

If assets, which are joint community property, are registered on behalf of the surviving spouse, with his/her agreement, a certificate determining the share of the deceased spouse can be issued.

Certificate attesting to the ownership right, after the death of a spouse, is issued by the notary of a place of opening of inheritance. (Territory covered by Klaipėda First Notary Office).

Property acquired during marriage is recognised as joint community property, with the exception of property recognised as personal property, i.e.:

  • property acquired separately by each spouse before the commencement of the marriage;
  • property donated to a spouse by succession or gift during the marriage unless the gift agreement indicates that the property is transferred as a joint community property;
  • spouse’s personal effects (footwear, clothing, instruments required for the spouse’s occupation);
  • the rights to intellectual or industrial property except for the income derived from those rights;
  • funds and items required for the personal business of one of the spouses other than the funds and items used in the business conducted jointly by both spouses;
  • damages and compensation payments received by one of the spouses for non-pecuniary damage or personal injury, payments as financial aid for specific purposes and other benefits related specifically to only one of the spouses, rights that may not be transferred;
  • property acquired with the personal funds or proceeds from the sale of personal property with the express intention of the spouse at the time of the acquisition to acquire it as a personal property.

It is presumed that the shares of joint property of the spouses are equal. This is recognised irrespective of the fact on behalf of which spouse (or both spouses) the property is acquired.

Certificates of ownership right attesting to the ownership rights of the spouses to immovable property or a part thereof acquired during marriage are transferred by the Notary Office to the territorial registrar of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers by means of remote communication. The clients no longer need to go to State Enterprise Centre of Registers.