About us

The start of free notarial activity in Lithuania – December, 1992. The office, the first one in Lithuania, had started its activity in Klaipeda in January, 1993. Initiator and founder of the office is Vaiva Strackaitiene. From 1999 the office is under direction of Marius Stračkaitis.

Currently, the office is one of the biggest in Lithuania. In the course of more than 20 years of activity it managed to create a strong, unified, and responsible team of workers, to acquire necessary experience and qualification. Presently, 22 employees are working at the office – 4 notaries, 4 notary assistants, and 14 office workers.

The office is actively participating in activity of international juridical organizations, contributes to preparation of laws and other juridical statements projects, periodically comments juridical statements in press, renders various juridical consultations to society.

Advanced informational technologies are installed in the office, which allow performing all notarial activities, legitimacy and precision of which are secured by using hypothec, property arrests, testaments, contracts, marriage contracts, and real estate registries, quickly and with a good quality.

The biggest achievement of the office and the basis of its success is acquired trust of the clients. This is what obliges to improve constantly and follow two of the most important principles of our work – precision and responsibility.