Apply for a notary to ensure legality of a transaction

Electronic service of registration of legal entities created by the Centre of Registers has already allowed users incorporating individual enterprises and some other closed joint-stock companies through the internet. However, notarial services are still needed for incorporation of the most legal entities. Preventive justice function performed by notaries is especially important to ensure business transparency. […]

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Notariat is the protection of public expectations in the sphere of civil law, the survey shows

Vilnius, the 2nd of December. Two thirds of Lithuanian citizens trust notaries and would support the idea that additional functions should be confided to notaries.This was shown by a survey conducted by public opinion and market study center ‘Vilmorus’. According to the results of the survey, evaluating representatives of legal professions Lithuanian citizens for seven […]

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Bouncing off the bottomless depths

Interview with a president of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, a notary of the Klaipeda City First Notary‘s Office Marius Stračkaitis “Notariatas“ No. 11/0211 “Notariatas”: This spring ends your three years term of office as a president of LCN. Could you please indicate the most significant administrative activity, done during the period of your service? […]

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Perhaps we should take a wider view?

«Notariat» № 9, April, 2010 The president of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, Notary of the 1st Notary Bureau of the city of Klaipeda Marius Stračkaitis: “Perhaps we should take a wider view?” After a long, intensive and productive work the project of hypothec and mortgage registration reform has finally reached the Seimas. The Chamber […]

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Poll: the most reliable lawyers – notaries

23-10-2008 The public opinion poll shows that when evaluating the legal institutions employees, Lithuanian citizens already four years in a row rely on notaries mostly. According to the representative Lithuanian citizen poll which was carried out by public opinion and market research center “Vilmorous”, 58% of respondents rely on notaries, 9,2% of respondents mistrust […]

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We have no right to go wrong

INFOLEX: Half of a year has passed since the beginning of your tenure. How do you evaluate the notary situation today – image of notary, relationships with society, government, media? M. Stračkaitis: The situation is really not that simple. The last two years were the most difficult over the entire 15 years of our practice. […]




Lithuanian notaries have elected new president

New president of Lithuanian Notaries Chambers from now is notary Marius Strackaitis. This was voted by all the notaries of Lithuania during the general meeting, which took place last Saturday. President Marius Strackaitis is elected for three years to represent all Lithuanian notaries. Notary Daiva Lukaseviciute, president by now, has become vice-president of Lithuanian Notaries […]

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