New notarial deeds take effect in Lithuania this year

As the amendments to the Civil Code and the Law on the Notariate take effect in 2016, notaries become empowered with new notarial deeds, and higher requirements to notaries have been introduced. According to the amendments of the Law on Notariate, the following new functions are introduced on January 1, 2016: – granting notaries powers […]

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Marriage contract: for the wife not to be deceived

„I will marry you only after we sign a premarital agreement“, – the phrase comes out from the lips of on of the people going to get married. Why do people giving their oaths of eternal love need an agreement on division of property? Now after the wedding season is over we discuss marriage contracts […]




Marriage contract – not planning fo a divorce, but a support for marriage

Before or after A marriage contract is an agreement of spouses establishing their property rights and duties during the marriage as well as after dissolution of the marriage or separation. A marriage contract must be notarized, it may be amended only with permission of a court, at the same time a marriage contract should be […]




Qualification improvement system for Lithuanian notaries

Marius Strackaitis, the President of the Lithuanian Chamber of  Notaries. В данном докладе я детально рассмотрю систему повышения квалификации нотариусов Литвы, правовые ее основы, также рассмотрю и ее пользу и проблемы, с которыми мы сталкиваемся  в каждодневной организационной работе по повышению квалификации нотариусов и кандидатов в нотариусы (асессоров). Во второй части  доклада я кратко представлю […]