Interview with the President of Lithuanian Notariat Marius Stračkaitis

Mr. Marius Stračkaitis, a notary in Klaipeda, has been the President of the Lithuanian notaries since March 2008 and is currently serving his third term in the office. He has also been a member of various boards and working groups for the preparation of legal acts, including the Supervisory Committee of the Civil Code of […]

Source: The Czech notarial magazine "Ad notam", 2016, Czech Republic



Notaries remind companies that have yet to amend their articles of association to hurry before the end of the year

Vilnius, 21st December (Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries). With only ten days left till the end of the year, Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries reminds that companies are obliged to formalize changes concerning denomination of authorized capital related to the amendments of articles of association of stock companies and joint stock companies. “Amendments to the Law that […]




Cash Loans: the sequence of events

Eligijus Masiulis, the former chairman of the Liberal Movement, incriminated for accepting a bribe declared that money the officers found were the loan from Raimondas Kurlianskis, the vice-president of the Concern “MG Baltic”. Former politician acknowledged that the transaction was not notarized, therefore, it was null and void in legal terms. E. Masiulis wrote in […]




Notaries’ arithmetic: 260 officials – 20 million Euros of income

As estimated by the Tax Inspectorate, all 263 notaries, who carried out their activities in Lithuania last year, together have earned 19,234 million Euros of taxable income that makes 3% more than in 2014. The highest income earned by a single notary in 2015 reached 462.567 Euros. According to figures from the State Tax Inspectorate […]