Residents are not using the faster and more effective method to claim debts, the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries says

In spite of thousands of claims of non-fulfilment of monetary obligations reaching Lithuanian courts, residents and legal entities are not using the simplified legal opportunity to claim debts through a notary. Society seems to avoid taking advantage of the legal opportunity, which came into effect two years ago, to turn to the notary for non-fulfilled […]




Vytautas Nekrošius: notaries paying „kick-backs” shall be fired

“Kick-backs” paid by notaries to real estate (RE) developers and brokers in return to clients is an established practice in Lithuania. The notarial self-governance authority hired mystery shoppers in order to uncover such practices, then summoned wrongdoers to explain their behaviour, but illegal agreements are common. According to Professor of the Faculty of Law at […]




25 Years of Lithuanian Notariate: Time to Continue Progress

Ahead of the 25-year anniversary of the reform of the Lithuanian notarial system, I am delighted to be able to talk about the achievements of the profession and of my fellow notaries. The notariate is gaining more importance while the state and the population have more trust in the profession, with lawmakers entrusting notaries with […]

Šaltinis:, 2017, Slovenia



Interview with the President of Lithuanian Notariat Marius Stračkaitis

Mr. Marius Stračkaitis, a notary in Klaipeda, has been the President of the Lithuanian notaries since March 2008 and is currently serving his third term in the office. He has also been a member of various boards and working groups for the preparation of legal acts, including the Supervisory Committee of the Civil Code of […]

Šaltinis: The Czech notarial magazine "Ad notam", 2016, Czech Republic



Notaries remind companies that have yet to amend their articles of association to hurry before the end of the year

Vilnius, 21st December (Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries). With only ten days left till the end of the year, Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries reminds that companies are obliged to formalize changes concerning denomination of authorized capital related to the amendments of articles of association of stock companies and joint stock companies. “Amendments to the Law that […]