The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Issuance of certificates of the Right of Inheritance;

The Certificate of the Right of Inheritance is an instrument proving the fact of inheritance acceptance and the right to such inheritance.

The Certificate of the Right of Inheritance shall be issued when heirs/legatees being called to inherit either by law or by will apply to the Notary at the place the will originated and lodge an application stating that they accept the inheritance/legacy and wish to obtain the Certificate of the Right of Inheritance.

Heirs / legatees shall carry out the foregoing actions within three months as from the day inheritance/legacy occurred. A single original copy of The Certificate of the Right of Inheritance shall be issued to all the heirs/legatees or each of them shall be issued separate original copies, subject to their wish.

  • Clients of Klaipeda City First Notary Bureau processing inheritance cases do not have to go to migration offices in order to obtain the statement regarding the latest place of residence of the deceased person anymore. These statements are ordered and received my e-mail by a notary.
  • After acquisition of the real estate notaries of Klaipeda 1st Notary Office electronically register right of ownership in the State Enterprise “Centre of Registers” at customers’ request. Thus, there is no need for customers to go to SE “Centre of Registers”.