The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Issuance of certificates of the Property Right to a part of spouses’ common property;

Property acquired in the marriage is considered as common property of spouses, except property acknowledged as private ownership of either of the spouses:

  • obtained separately by both spouses before they entered into the marriage ;
  • received as a gift or inheritance by either of the spouses after marriage unless the deed of gift provides that the property is transferred to the joint property of spouses;
  • personal chattels (foot-wear, clothing, tools for professional activities);
  • rights of intellectual and industrial property except incomes received from intellectual activities;
  • money and items of property required for personal business needs of either of the spouses except money and items of property meant for business of both spouses;
  • money received by either of the spouses as compensation for damage or some other kind of compensation for damage to his/her health and non-property damage, purposive material support or other payments exclusively pertained to the spouse who received it, rights not transferable to other parties;
  • property obtained by either of the spouses for his/her own money or money received by selling his/her own property if at the moment of obtaining the property, his/her will to obtain it as his /her personal property was clearly expressed

It is presumed that both spouses are entitled to equal portions of their common property . This is certified irrespective of the fact that the property was obtained either on behalf of either of the spouses or on behalf of both spouses. Providing during marriage property was obtained on behalf of one of the spouses, the Notary shall issue a certificate to the other spouse certifying that he/she has property rights in a part of the common property.

  • Clients of Klaipeda City First Notary Bureau processing inheritance cases do not have to go to migration offices in order to obtain the statement regarding the latest place of residence of the deceased person anymore. These statements are ordered and received my e-mail by a notary.
  • After acquisition of the real estate notaries of Klaipeda 1st Notary Office electronically register right of ownership in the State Enterprise “Centre of Registers” at customers’ request. Thus, there is no need for customers to go to SE “Centre of Registers”.