The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Authentication/certification of transactions

Transactions are defined as actions of persons that are intended to create, modify or abolish civil rights and duties, for example, wills, sale – purchase contracts, mortgages.

By certifying a transaction, the Notary shall ensure that the transaction is made by free will of the parties, the specified actual circumstances are true, also, that the transaction is not in conflict with the rights and legal interests of the parties, requirements as per prescribed laws and other legal acts.

The Notary shall verify legal capacity of natural persons and verify capability of legal entities involved in transactions and explain the purport and consequences of the transaction made to the parties.

The Notary shall certify a transaction only after submission of required documentation set by law and fulfillment of required obligations. The Notary shall certify transactions by affixing his/her note and his/her seal and his signature.

  • The workers of the notary office deliver deliver establishment documents and other documents necessary for registration, which are concluded in our office, to Klaipeda department of the Juridical Persons’ Registry. This way the clients are freed from an obligation to deliver the documents signed in the office to Klaipeda department of the Juridical Persons’ Registry by themselves. This service is free of charge and helps the clients to gain in time.
  • After acquisition of the real estate notaries of Klaipeda 1st Notary Office electronically register right of ownership in the State Enterprise “Centre of Registers” at customers’ request. Thus, there is no need for customers to go to SE “Centre of Registers”.