The notaries of the Klaipeda First Notary’s Office perform the following notarial acts:

Acceptance for keeping and preservation under their custody of wills and personal wills having the status of formal wills;

A will is the declaration of a person’s wishes regarding disposal of his or her property , also, personal non-property rights after his or her death executed per procedure and form prescribed by law. Wills may be formal and personal . The following wills are attributed to formal wills:

  • wills of individuals who undergo treatment in hospitals or other in-patient institutions providing medical/preventive treatment , sanatoriums, convalescent homes or living in institutions for old/disabled people shall be certified by head doctors, their asistances for medical issues or doctors on duty of the foregoing hospitals, institutions providing medical treatment, sanatoriums, convalescent homes and, also, governors and head doctors of the foregoing institutions for old/disabled people;
  • wills of individuals being at sea on sea-going vessels or those on inland vessels sailing under the Lithuanian flag shall be certified by the captains of the foregoing vessels;
  • wills of individuals being on exploration, scientific , sports and other expeditions shall be certified by the leaders of such expeditions ;
  • wills of servicemen shall be certified by the commanding officers / directors/heads of units , other subdivisions of military formations, institutions and military schools;
  • wills of individuals being in prisons shall be certified by the governors of the prisons;
  • wills of a testator shall be certified by the community head of his/her residence.

Notaries shall keep and preserve in his/her office and under his/her custody wills treated as formal wills and personal wills . The Notary accepting a will treated as a formal will for keeping in custody shall establish identity of the person who hands in the will and verify whether the following data are specified in the will : the place where the will was made and the date, also, the name of the testator or the names of the testators providing a joint will has been made by spouses, the personal code given by the State Natural Persons Registry; in the event the personal code is not specified, the place of birth, the residence address, the signature of the testator, the name, position, signature of the person who certified the will, the will registration date, number and seal.

A personal will shall be handed in for keeping in custody by the testator in person . The will shall be handed over in a stuck down envelope. There shall be drawn an act regarding the acceptance of the will for keeping in custody and a copy of which shall be issued to the testator.